“9/25 The last day of the Philippines ⁉️”

I thought about departure yesterday and slept, but I woke up after 4 o’clock at the restroom at the time to wash. (5 o’clock in Japan time) 😲😲😲 Once again, the habit is once again … “2 hours from now to breakfast, you can throw Claps at this time in the morning.

If you can throw it in a row, you can get a loss … 🤑🤑🤑🤑

And the blood of the gambler makes a noise, waking up. ️ ️ ️

Change clothes and go to the first floor of Hyatt with Claps. ️ ️

As expected, the customer pulls up and one or two people are playing games.

Follow two cigarettes and assault. ️

ε = ε = (ノ ≧ ∇ ≦) ノ

Then, the customers who have been throwing so far seem to be raising, and it is alone.

The game starts with 10,000 pesos that I reclaimed at the end of yesterday. This continues unusually, and about 15 throws continue. During this time, several customers will participate. It is popular. So “Gidolla -san?” If you look closely, you can 바카라사이트/a> call out to the opposite customer. ️ ️ He is also coming every month recently 😀😀😀

We will proceed with Claps while exchanging the latest information.

Most of the places went in a hot state, and I was able to take it almost to the ton before 6 o’clock.

The price of shopping, meals, and taxi costs are negative, but I greeted the regulars almost in a state of winning and returned to the hotel, cooked and packed to raise them.

That’s all for this casino ❗️

The rest will be returned to Japan.

Thank you for reading 🎵

I’m glad if you can read it after this.

This trip was so hard. ㅡ TT Listen to me.

There are three things I learned from this trip.

First, on May 5, Children’s Day (or first day of holiday) should not dare to go around.

Second, if you are forced to carry a car, you have to leave very early.

Third, you should never go to Gangwon Land on holiday + rainy days.

Entire schedule

May 5: 9 o’clock departs from Duck Station-> Takes 4 hours 30 minutes-> Wonju City Wedding Ceremony-> Wonju Salt Mountain Rock Bridge-> Lodges near Gangwon Land

May 6: 11 am Kangwon Land-> 2:00 (1 hour Waiting) Restaurant Buckwheat Village Makguksu Lunch-> 4 o’clock departs home at 4 o’clock

May 5th Children’s Day takes about 5 hours from Bundang to Wonju

There was a wedding in Wonju and left at 9 o’clock. It was written that it took about an hour and a half on the Naver map, so I thought it would be nice to look around in the middle because the wedding was 1:30.

Originally, I went to Museum San and tried to ride a rail bike.

under. ji. 10,000 girls! When I entered the world or the highway, my car began to block. At first, I waited for an hour and waited. It took about 2 hours to get out of the world … I was frustrated 파워볼실시간 and searched for ‘real -time traffic situation’ on Naver and ‘highway parking lot’ appeared.

I think it will be solved now. I ran up to 40km to 60km until I went to Wonju, and I went to the city at 2 pm after repeating the real way. I almost couldn’t attend the wedding.

Fortunately, I ate a walnut in the middle and I was hungry and it was almost a big day.

I departed at 9 o’clock and was shocked by taking an hour and a half 5 hours. The really important lesson was ‘You should never carry a car on Children’s Day.’

Wonju Salt Mountain Rock Bridge

Congratulations at the wedding that had barely arrived, I ate late lunch and started with a bridge of salted by salt. I took a navigator in the car, but I just followed the salt mountain. As I went, it was clearly going to the mountain road in 30 minutes. Something was strange, so the navigator in the car was old, so I didn’t know the exact way.

I turned on Kakao Navi and returned the road. Set the destination as ‘Wonju Ganhyeon Tourist Destination’ and park it and go up. It takes about 20 minutes to walk to the entrance of the salted bridge.

If you walk to the entrance of the salt mountain, it takes about 20 to 30 minutes to go up to the bridge again.

It was about 4:20 pm when we arrived. It was about 4:38 because I walked to the entrance of the salt mountain. However, when I saw the banner in front of me, it was written that I could not enter if I did not arrive at the bridge until 5 o’clock. At the entrance, the husband shouted ‘I Can’t make it’ and said he would wait at the entrance without going up.

I ran towards the bridge with a quick step. There were a lot of stairs. I didn’t really rest and went up, and my legs were fluttering and my head was a bit dizzy.

Arrival of the bridge!

Unfortunately, I enjoyed the scenery by crossing the bridge alone. It was really pretty. Below was a little scared because the holes were pierced. The wind blows cool and the legs are ‘rugged’. hehe

I came down the bridge hard by myself, ‘I’m afraid of it.’

There is also a place where you take pictures like this.

When I came down and listened to the broadcast, there was a guide saying, ‘Only those who have arrived at the bridge until 5:30 can cross the bridge.’ I ran hard because I had to go up to 5 o’clock in the banner.

It is the entrance to Ganhyeon tourist attraction in salted Mountain. The water was clean and the landscape was like a place where fresh people were playing.

I walked back again. I can see the railroad legs moving to the rail bike.

And at about 6 o’clock, I started to Kangwon Land. At 8:30 pm, I arrived at the hostel near Gangwon Land and watched the drama ‘Live’ and fell asleep.

Gangwon Land

Kangwon Land is the second trip. In 2016, I came when I was dating once, but there were not so many people at that time.

At that time, I decided to spend up to 150,000 won. I turned the slot mosin hard and I got money and lost. But it is instantaneous to disappear. If you are there, you put 50,000 won in the machine. I felt that 50,000 won was not money.

Anyway, at that time, I put 100,000 won, and I sitting in a slot machine for about 2-3 hours, and I lost it again. I realized. I think my husband was lost at that time. And I was going to go up to Seoul after lunch! I think it’s too bad, but I will do it with it. So I went back and put it for about 40,000 won and gambled it.

I learned that gambling is not done, leading my husband’s hand and ‘let’s go’. And while I was in the bathroom, my husband turned the slot machine to the last ten thousand won. Hey. 660,000 won broke out. I collected and went to Kangwon Land. It is a true story. So fortunately, I was able to calculate gambling, fuel, hotel, and meals.

Anyway, it was fun, and my husband said that I would like to go to Kangwon Land.

To enter the casino, you must first get a ticket. If you put your ID card on that machine and pay 9,000 won, you will get a ticket. Or there are people who are issued next to them, so you can get it to them.

The casino could not be taken because it couldn’t shoot inside. Las Vegas Slot Machine Photos.

Anyway, why can’t I go to Gangwon Land + on a rainy day? When I went this time, I didn’t have a single slot machine. If I waited for two hours in one place, I was standing because I was going to have a seat. And in fact, when leaving the seat, you should not leave Credit or things like the precautions below, but there are no people, but there are many places where you can’t sit because your phone or credit is left.

In the end, the slot machine was wandering for 2 hours and 30 minutes and came out for lunch.

Buckwheat Village Makguksu

About 10 minutes from Gangwon Land. I arrived here by car, but in the world ….

Oh, I’m hungry …

But … I waited because it was bothersome to go elsewhere. I told the boss why there are so many people, so it was raining on holidays.

After waiting for 1 hour, I finally eat lunch at 2 o’clock ^^

Makguksu + Potato War + Buckwheat Pancer I was empty. The employee said, “I think there are a lot of sheep.” (So ​​when I came home, 1kg was stretched)

Gangwon Land again

After lunch, I went back to Kangwon Land and waited for an hour. Nevertheless, the slot machine is not going to go home, so Black Jack? I had gambling at the table and told me to go to the world ;;; This is said that there is no place for reservations.

So I saw the Wheel of Fortune to move my steps. It is a simple game where the originals are written on the disc with Silver, Gold, Diamond, Crystal, Joker, etc., and if they stop in the original, they get the money.

Silver is one times more than money, GOLD twice, and diamonds are 5 times higher, and the lower the drain, the higher the chance. (Because there are more children with low drainage on the original)

My husband first changed 50,000 won into chips and paid 50,000 won on diamonds. So I continued to total 100,000 won and lost it. hehe

And I left Kangwon Land, shouting ‘here’.

In fact, I was stressed because I didn’t do anything as I thought about this trip, but it’s also a memory.

It is said that a large water park next to Kangwon Land will open this summer. The taxi driver said that I would have a lot of families.

Gambling is moderately ^^