Is it more alive than the pitch? Neymar is absorbed in poker, the result of participating in high -priced buying -in tournaments …

Is it more alive than the pitch? Neymar is absorbed in poker, the result of participating in high -priced buying -in tournaments …

Is it more alive than the pitch? Neymar is absorbed in poker, the result of participating in high -priced buying -in tournaments …

The casino seems to be captivated by top athletes. Brazil’s FW Neymar of Paris Saint -Germain (PSG) has 코인카지노 played poker in Monaco.

Neymar won the fourth League Ann title. He sent a difficult season, such as leaving the injury or defeating the Champions League (CL), but after winning the championship, he said, “I am satisfied with the title acquisition,” and the team had the 10th league conquering in two years.

After drawing the 35th Squarbul after the championship, Neymar headed to Monaco Monte Carlo. Participated in a European tour of a tournament hosted by the online casino “Poker Stras”.

Neymar posted the situation at the venue on his Instagram. He shows a sharp gaze and a happy expression that bargains with the opponent, just like aiming for the goal.

“Poker is one of my passion. It’s always a sport that moves my heart. I was able to play this weekend and it was wonderful. Thank you for providing this unique moment. I love poker. difference”

According to RMC SPORT, Neymar was a tournament that requires a 25,000 euros (about 3.4 million yen) bay -in (replacing cash with chips), which was 29th out of 75. Is there a possibility that he will turn to a gambler after the gambler?

11. Circus of the Sun

“The beautiful desert is because the fountain is hidden somewhere.” – the little Prince

It is probably rare to go to Las Vegas and gambling for $ 1. Most of the hotel lobby is made of casino, attracting customers from going to check in checking through the lobby. It is also common to see people who bet while checking out and waiting for the bus to return. Somehow, I lined up on a few people who didn’t gamble in Las Vegas.

While staying in Los Angeles for two months in September 2013, I left for a few days and left for Las Vegas. It was only to see the circus performances of the sun. I saw a circus performance of the sun at a dedicated theater on the former Tokyo Disneyland side. It was an unforgettable performance experience that changed the idea of ​​the circus and stage performances. Since then, if the city with the circus of the sun is located, I decided to visit it when I visited it. So I went to see the circus of the sun in Hollywood theater in Los Angeles, but I didn’t expect it because it wasn’t a dedicated theater. The best performances were in Las Vegas, so I decided to go to Las Vegas.

Most of the five hours from Los Angeles to Las Vegas were deserted deserts. The deserts of the Middle East overlapped in the desert landscape outside the car window. The deserts I met when I went to the Middle East in 2002 to shoot the documentary. The desert makes us see our abyss. The empty spaces without grass or trees make us look somewhere deep in our existence. I could see in Baghdad’s ruins that our basis surrounded by civilization was that it was not so strong, and someday we could go back to this desert again. The city, which flourished for 3,000 years, disappeared without a trace as the flow of the river changed. In addition to the ruins of the soil that humans have discovered, there was no way to find out that it was a city of Arabian Knight’s dream.

Las Vegas came up like a mirage after passing through Death Valley. The strange space accumulated on the barren desert is to be the victory of human civilization, and some are the city of vain desire. The city was like a collection of counterparts. There were Paris, Egypt, and Venice. There was an Eiffel Tower, a pyramid, and a statue of freedom. Like the wall of the theater stage, there was nothing on the back. It was not forced to raise hands to the creativity of Americans who created the play city, not the amusement park.

I didn’t come to play the game anyway, so I watched a book on the hotel’s outdoor full bench during the day and walked to the streets in the evening. I saw the circus of the sun one day a day. The circus of the sun is a new concept of circus that created the circus industry that entered the specifications with destructive innovation. It boldly eliminated the animals that thought it was the core element of the existing circus, and combined high -quality art such as advanced mechanical engineering, stage devices, high -quality storytelling, ballet and dance, creating a high -level ‘art circus’ that could not be seen before. All 18 works made so far were different and all of them were new challenges.

The most anticipated show was the ‘O’ show. Osho can be seen in the circus theater of the sun of the Bellagio Hotel. Las Vegas is an excellent strategy that combines the circus of the hotel and the sun to create a show that can only be seen in the hotel. I was fascinated by the fountain show of the world’s most beautiful Bellagio Hotel and went into the venue. I don’t know if I was inspired by Bellagio’s famous fountain show, but Oh was a show -themed show. When a huge red curtain, which looks over 20m, opened, a stage filled with water appeared. The actors hanging in the air in the fog dive with the water on the floor like a mermaid. Dizzy diving with elasticity! The actors disappeared into the water and did not appear. After a while, the water disappeared like a lie and a dry floor appeared. Beautiful fire shows continued and the fire disappeared again into the water. The transparent ships came to the sky on the sea, and the crew jumped into the sea. The rotary horses and clowns floated in the sky like a dream and disappeared like a dream. The stage, which was made with the motif of the 14th century European venue, was unusually mysterious and beautiful. It was an unrealistic and dreamy two -hour that looked at it with eyes.

After the performance, the route is naturally connected to a souvenir shop related to the performance. I wanted to see the performance as a video, so I asked at the store and said that the performance video was not sold. However, there was a performance making DVD, so I bought it with a brochure and returned to the hotel. Underneath the stage, which was filled with 6 million liters of water with the making DVD, the scuba divers with a public pain filled the respiratory tract. DVDs were introduced in DVDs that showed the details of planning and produced performances over two years. Osho cannot be seen anywhere in the 온라인바카라게임 world. To see this performance, you must come to Las Vegas. I saw this show that it was worth the Las Vegas to see a performance. This was the spring that made this desert beautiful.

The next day, I saw the KA show of the MGM Grand Hotel. It was a performance with a mechanical device and a stage. The land moved and a huge sand poured under the cliff. Adventure action play in the sand, cliffs and sky. I was wondering how these machines and sand moved, and I was sucked into the development of the play. The humans’ gestures that go back to the laws of gravity and the moments of dizzy emotions. Cassho was a drama that such a brilliant moment was exhausted.

Next is LOVE at Mirage Hotel. The performance, which was created by connecting only to the Beatles’ songs, was a novel idea, but the stage and devices that saved each song were creative and surprising. Unlike the previous two performances, in the middle of the audience, the rounded stage, advanced lighting and sounds were fascinated. One of the most complex audio systems produced so far, 6,400 speakers of the love theater, have conveyed the sound of amazing sound quality.

Other Zumanity. A new circus that beautifully expresses human sexuality and love. It was a work that showed that love and love can be made beautiful with performing arts.

Like King Shari, who wanted Seherazade’s story, he watched the circus of the sun every night in Las Vegas. I hope that the scenes of these shows will penetrate into the blood vessels of my soul, and be the source of my inspiration.

Even now, when you close your eyes, you can see the transparent ships flying in the sky, the rotary horses, the mermaids that jump into the water, and the humans that go back to the desert. It was a human being and beautiful and beautiful sized gesture of human beings who challenged the world of dreams and imagination beyond gravity and physical laws.

ps. Last year, I saw an article last year that the circus of the sun did not overcome the Corona situation. I was so heartbreaking. In this desert, an oasis that inspired us in the desert has disappeared. Pray that the corona ends and their beautiful challenges can survive again.