Live at a moderate distance

One day, my cell phone broke down and I couldn’t use SNS for a while. At first, it was a pity that I missed the feeds that would flow away while I couldn’t connect. However, I realized that it was mentally comfortable because I forcibly cut off SNS. As soon as I wake up in the morning, when I work for a break, or I pick up my cell phone right before I fall asleep, and I’m looking for an Instagram application, and the application 카지노 to connect to the rest time disappears. It is frequent. Seeing all kinds of feeds that are constantly updated is as fun as gambling (actually scrolling down the window to update the new feed is called the casino). The brain continues to be excited by the endless audiovisual stimulation. There is no such irritation for a few days, so it was not fun and monotonous right now, but after a long time, I felt that my head was lighter. Even if I write it, I only upload it for my daily records, and I don’t see others’ feeds (it’s too narcissism ㅋㅋㅋ).

I think SNS is tired because it is the first thing that makes me compare me with others. If you are looking at the pictures that are eaten and adapted by capturing the moment you eat well and living well, my dinner is too hard and shabby. In particular, Instagram used the function of the story to make Instagram more focused on the ‘moment’ based on the information of the moment. The story is only valid for 24 hours and disappears afterwards, so if you are watching the wonderful photos and videos taken by acquaintances within 23 hours, just a few minutes ago, a few seconds ago, it is good to know each other’s news. But at the same time, I have tiredness to know what I don’t need to know.

For example, when I talked to me yesterday when I talked to me, I was busy all the week, but today I saw the story that I went to eat B and brunch for lunch, or I wanted to go to the beach on weekends, I looked at the book by myself, but later I saw the story and I went to a good place and went to a good place. Knowing does not cause tremendous damage or shock, but that’s why it’s not good to know. Rather, it is information that makes you feel bad or look back on my situation. We live in a flood of information that is too useless.

The introduction was long, but recently, there were a few people who stressed while studying. It was to protect myself rather than they didn’t like it. And it was not their fault. I just realized that I was too different from me, and so when I was tied up with them, I was stressed or tired, so it’s good for me to stay with these people for me, who is too tired to concentrate on my studies right now. The judgment stood.

But they probably had different thoughts. I was doing well, but one day, I suddenly left the distance, so I thought I could have done it. I don’t like or hate because I’m not close, but they probably misunderstood. I didn’t hate it or hate it, and I just didn’t think, but they seemed to avoid it because I didn’t like it. I just had too much work to study and I couldn’t control everything with my limited brain resources. I would explain it, but I didn’t say that they did not have a direct negative gesture for me, and I didn’t have the energy left. In my energy, the energy of life is very good to build only important things in life.

If you can’t do it for 24 hours, you can fight, but you can’t be a baffle just because you have no contact. It shouldn’t be understood that someone avoids me means that it doesn’t like me (of course it is possible). That’s just that person’s problem. It may be that it may be a matter of stocking energy because it is too hard to work like me, and even if he really hates me, that’s his feelings, not my feelings. So even if anyone has a distance to me, you should not be sad or angry. (I feel like this, but I’m upset if I face this situation).

It seems comfortable for everyone to live at a moderately distance. I have to open my weaknesses and suffering too much and make my opponent with emotional trash, and it’s short for listening words and happy things, and my life is short, and it’s not easy. Don’t erase my burden on the person who is struggling. The synonyms of ‘not close’ are not ‘dislike’. ‘I’m so tired, so let’s take care of each of us.’

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