[Valley] Yusuke Kono’s ale! 15 Draft V League also won the final championship! ? Return to regular round (volleyball magazine)

Pipe attack by Panasonic (Panasonic). A column by Yusuke Kono, a former Japanese national team in Japan and also played an active part in JT Thunder’s Hiroshima as a college student V -Liger. We will deliver the Kono -style perspective, mainly in the genre of men’s valley, while snuggling up to competitors and spectators. ===== = Hello everyone. Although it has opened a little, I would like to express my personal opinion this time. The 2021-22 season, when the fierce battle continued during the Corona evil, is about to end. Meanwhile, I will look back on what I felt through this league. ◆ Brushing up team tactics I think this is the biggest change through the league. To put it plainly, it is difficult for a team to hit with a lead block or serve, and a team that cannot attack synchro. Although it has become noticeable since last season, the difference between 호게임 the upper team and the lower team in the league was remarkable. The team that went to the highest in regular rounds was a common recognition of the team as a common recognition. On the other hand, the team that was difficult to win was disturbed by the reception, and from there was a monotonous side attack from there, and the number of breaks was increased in transitions from three blocks. I felt that each team had the characteristic of how to take a break, as well as a solid side -out. Under such circumstances, it is true that the use of slots near the center (MB and pipe/BICK attack), which I mentioned many times when I explained the game, was often the point. The MB’s success in the upper team was very wake up. If you would like to raise your name with my own discretion and prejudice, WD Nagoya Ryota/Konori, Suntory Haruki Ono/Pon Sea Cong, Panasonic Akira Yamauchi/Evadedan Larry, etc. I guess there were many points. As a result, these teams have entered the final 3, but they have become a major driving force. ◆ Improved personal skills on team tactics Evadedan rally (Panasonic) blocks. I mentioned the brush -up of team tactics in the previous paragraph, where my hands are in front, but here I would like to further describe the skills of the player. It goes without saying that if team tactics are four -piece attack/synchro or total defense based on lead blocks, personal skills to realize the system will be needed. Until last season, the presence or absence of this skill was one of the causes of the team in the team, but in this season, it is not only possible to stand on the start line without this skill, but on a certain premise. The accuracy of the skill was greatly related to the winning or losing. For example, lead block. I often saw tactics using dedicating shifts as well as bunch shifts, but I often see not only the speed of moving to the left and right, but also the accuracy of the flying position and the bargaining “dare to pull out”. The number has increased. And maintaining the shift when it becomes a rally is also mentioned as a part of improved skills (I often saw a spreadshift when it became a rally). For example, a dig. Last season, it was a prerequisite to divide the place to be pulled out and close by block, and to dig against the place where it was pulled out. This season is the same, but even if you were hit by a course that should be closed in the block, I saw many scenes that the digger responded and raised. In addition, the ball that I played last season often went up firmly. I think this is evidence that the system has been created by the mature system, and that the ball to be aimed at by turning the system is clear, so that the range of defense can be expanded to a certain range.

“Shokuro”. Just listening to the name would have been reminiscent of a rich culture, or filled your heart with a longing, and thrilled your heart. Shiga’s famous guide, which does not attract teamen and strange people nationwide, leads to the future from the large master, Shotaro Nakamura, and his grandchildren. Shooting = Katsuro Takashima interview / sentence = Akiko Daikita = Naomi Yoshioka August 2022 Issue The fifth boiled bowl of hamo and lotus root, Hisui eggplant. Bonito that cuts the outside just before, high -quality kelp for the finest transparent soup. A 100 -year -old master, current, young master. Comprehensively creates Japanese food culture, from the ingredients and flavors of dishes that continue to convey the Japanese “culture of the seat”, as well as the seasonal, vessels, tidy, space, garden, and customers. The restaurant is expressed. The “Fukuro” in Shiga and Yokkaichi, which is one of the most important ones, began as a teahouse in the early Meiji era, and after the Pacific War, the third generation, Shotaro Nakamura, turned into a restaurant, and people longed for today. I have built a reminiscence of a great guide. Currently, there is a head office and a Tokyo store with a parlor and a Western -style room in a building in Marunouchi, Tokyo. In the Buddha at the large master’s house, the third generation Shotaro Nakamura (100 years old), the fourth generation Narumi Nakamura (67 years old), and the fifth generation Yoshihiro Nakamura (31 years old). The space was 킹덤슬롯 compared to the Tower of the Zen sect, and the master himself devised himself. For example, the eight inches of the season express the joy of the season in a cool Himurozen in the head office. On the other hand, at the Tokyo store, the perfect summer season for sake makes the tongue entertain. It is a restaurant that conveys the fine season and the style of Japanese culture, and protects its tradition and form. Himurozen that spreads the ice and feels a cool breeze. Steamed Omi beef fluffy, cream cheese, Saikyo Miso, Soft boiled cream cheese. A solid texture, inside the seafood is hidden inside. From “Fukuro Honten”.